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Test Data Management
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- Product Quality
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Use test data – gain real-time control

WATS is designed from ground up to support an organization’s needs in terms of data integrity, security, performance and scalability. Data is collected from the clients installed on each test machine, and transferred to a server hosted in a Microsoft Azure cloud. WATS transforms test and repair data into actionable information before critical situations occur, by providing easy access to KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), yield, trends and more - all in real time, through your browser!
  • Scalable and global architecture
  • Link test and repair data
  • Information that matters at your fingertips
  • High performance SQL database
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Starting @ € 87Per month

From the Big picture down to details

The goal of any OEM / manufacturing business is to deliver desired product value to the customer -- balancing the right level of quality with the highest possible efficiency. The critical factor for all parts of an organization is to collaborate and ensure quality control in every step throughout value-chain and product-lifecycle -- from R&D to Customer Service and Management.

Future winners in an increasingly competitive environment will be those committed to delivering products with the right value and quality. skyWATS - the smart way to increase returns in existing investments made in production and test equipment.

  • Award winning product in 2014
  • 5% to 30% increase in "First Pass Yield" (high ROI)
  • Off the shelf product
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Starting @ € 87Per month

WATS can easily be integrated

WATS is an off the shelf Test & Quality Data Management software that is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to integrate with other test or business critical systems.

Reporting and Analysis through your standard browser.

  • Plug and play with NI TestStand
  • API for LabVIEW, Visual Studio and others
  • Connectivity with ERP, MES, PLM systems
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Plug and play with NI TestStand, API for LabVIEW and others

Instant Setup

WATS is a software service that is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to integrate with other test or business critical systems.

Real-time Test Data

WATS lets you make critical decisions instant.
Access all your Test Data and identify trends, failure analysis and yield.

Connect your global sites

Global control of manufacturing process and product quality through value-chain, including external suppliers.

Data processed, and counting

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skyWATS app, support others with test data


Easily create customizable dashboards

Yield & Trend

Real-time yield and trend analysis

WATS Client

Software that installs on a computer (ATE)

UUT & UUR Reporting

Structured, centralized and automatic Data collection, real time


UUR reporting and analysis

Full control of your Test Data?

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Standardize and automate test reporting, with charts and drill-down. Plug in with TestStand and LabVIEW- collect, store and analyze test data in the cloud.

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