Award Winning solution

Virinco was established in 1998 in Drammen, Norway. It was started as a consultant company developing test equipment and ATE’s for our customers.

Our goal was - and still is - to provide technology, solutions and services that increase our customer’s competitiveness in a global market. More specifically we help technology leading customers improve product quality and process control in R&D, Manufacturing and Customer Service.

In 2003, we started to develop the WATS Product in cooperation with one of our core customers. In the beginning, it was a simple solution that plugged into NI TestStand (version 2.0) and logged data to a central database. A simple web interface was created to search serial numbers and view UUT reports.

We quickly saw limitations in the product when our customer wanted to connect all their ATE’s spread worldwide to a central server. It’s safe to say that we were test engineers with limited knowledge of IT technology. We knew test and hardware, not databases and HTML… BUT, we had a very good idea of the data, reports and analysis we wanted incorporated into the product.
Since then, Virinco have included a dedicated team with database experts, system architects and software developers. WATS has grown into a product with high-end technology and functionality. It’s installed in more than 14 countries, on four continents, and serve thousands of operators, engineers and ATE’s every week.

In 2008 we started to offer WATS as a hosted solution. Now, we take the next step and offer WATS as a real SaaS and Cloud solution. We named the service skyWATS (hope you like it too) and are excited to offer this well proven and leading Test Data Management product to you as our valued customer!