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Are global OEM operations interfering with family time?

passport with picture Manufacturing Test Data, analyzed in Real-Time, can improve and simplify your Business Intelligence. So that you can use your off-work attention on other things.

Like your family.

skyWATS might very well be the missing piece in your organization. Experience what other large Original Electronics Manufacturers like ABB, Sennheiser, Delta Electronics and Siemens have found, and are gaining competitive advantage from.

For many, family time is sacred.

We go above and beyond to keep work-related distractions away.

But for many of us it is unfortunately not possible to completely log off when you head home for the evening.

Like for managers involved in global electronics manufacturing. Being responsible for cost and quality in products and processes, they find that the needs of the business don't allow them to go off-grid.

The stakes are simply too high when you are dealing with high volume manufacturing.

Different time-zones, policies, cultures and traditions means that problems can appear continuously, and at any time throughout the year. This causes constant high-risk of interrupts in your spare time, at times even sending you around the globe on short notice, to engage in fire-fighting at a remote factory. is a Real-Time Quality Management Solution for OEMs and Contract Manufacturers. skyWATS helps to quickly turn your attention to areas where your real problems are found. Right now. No more waiting several weeks before the QA team has collected data and conducted their statistical analysis. On data that is by now already obsolete.

skyWATS will continuously give you quick benchmark measures of Industry Best-Practice KPIs, across several dimensions of potential root-causes. This makes investigation and delegation much smoother, and takes much of the burden of false or misleading alarms off your shoulders.

Dashboards and reports will help you to instantly get Real-Time measures such as True First-Pass Yield, Failure Pareto, CPK, repair statistics and much more. All measured against categories such as products, product groups, factories, stations, operators, fixtures and so forth.

There is even a mobile app, running on iOS and Android, giving you instant access to your KPIs.

Large, global OEMs like ABB, Sennheiser, Delta, Siemens, GE Healthcare, and several others are already taking advantage of the skyWATS solution. They can drive meaningful changes from the digitalization, improving quality, product failures, field returns and profitability through active management of first pass yield.

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Picture of Periodic First Pass Yield broken down to Product First Pass Yield, and then Fail Pareto showing the most frequent failures in electronics manufacturing.