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Connect NI TestStand to the cloud - get instant insight from manufacturing lets you quickly start pushing test data to the cloud, enabling your organization to prioritize and make high-impact decisions.

A common challenge for modern business leaders is converting operational data into insight, letting them focus the attention of their valuable employees to where they adds the most value for the company. Within the test segment of the OEM industry the awareness of data-value has been rapidly increasing over the past years, both as a mechanism to drive internal improvement initiatives and as a way to position the test organization as a strategic asset to the firm; the opposite of a necessary cost at the end of the development cycle, whose main purpose is giving a "check mark" before the product can be shipped out to the impatient customer.

Almost all OEMs today has a data strategy that encapsulates test data. Unfortunately the management of such is most often implemented in consistency with the impression of test as primarily an expense line on the balance report; inhouse developed ad-hoc projects, oblivious to existing best-practices from industry leaders and imperative factors needed to gain a positive ROI on the time spent managing data.

An alternative to the painful and rewardless experience, that often defines such internally developed data management solutions, is currently being utilized by large global successful OEMs like ABB, Sennheiser, Delta Electronics, Siemens and many more. If you are an existing NI TestStand user this allows you to start reporting your data to your private, secure Microsoft Azure instance with only a few minutes of configuring. You can utilize powerful reporting features such as true yield analysis across sites, products, processes and product families, see failure pareto with drill-down analysis, see test execution times, CPK values and much, much more. By basing your data management strategy on a third party, commercial-of-the-shelf product like skyWATS, featuring three annual releases and with more than 40 man-years of development completed, you can make sure that the engineers focus on the part of your business that provides you with a competitive advantage; like connecting this insight to improvement initiatives.

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