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Are your global OEM operations making the holiday stressful?

By utilizing Manufacturing Test Data you can improve and simplify Business Intelligence, so that you might take a much deserved mental break. might very well be the missing element in your intelligence hierarchy. See what secrets other large OEMs like ABB, Sennheiser, Delta Electronics, Siemens and others have discovered and successfully been gaining competitive advantage from.

For many Christmas is a time shared with family and friends. A time of the year where one seek to obtain the abstract feeling of Christmas spirit, that so easily can be lost by day-to-day interrupts. Managers involved in Global Electronics Manufacturing, responsible for cost and quality aspects of products and processes, often find that the needs of the business are incompliant with finding this feeling. Different time-zones, policies, cultures and traditions means that Business Intelligence must be obtained continuously throughout the year, causing constant high-risk of interrupts in your time off. The link between uncertainty and stress related illness is getting increasingly clear[1][2]; an apparent tactic to combat this is through visibility and insight. is a Real-Time Business Intelligence Solution for OEMs, that will quickly turn your attention to areas where your real problems resides. It will use your Test Data to quickly give you a benchmark of Industry-Best-Practice KPIs; making delegation of investigation much smoother and taking the burden of false alarms off your shoulders. Dashboards will help you quickly get Real-Time measures such as True First-Pass Yield, Failure Pareto and much more, across dimensions such as products, product groups, factories, stations and operators. There is even a mobile app, running on iOS and Android, so that you don't have to log on to your laptop to do a quick health check.

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