Award Winning solution

Increase Yield

See your true first pass yield and analyze data in real-time to find the problems limiting your manufacturing process.
By focusing resources to the right areas your yield will increase.

Picture of Test Data Management Systems Overview

Decrease Failures

WATS gives you detailed information on your test and repair processes, and the issues causing failures.
Use the built-in root cause analysis to target problems and fix the process to prevent future failures.

Picture of Test Data Management Systems Overview

Increase profits

Proactive use of information from test and repair data will improve manufacturing processes and quality of your products.
Increased utilization, increased efficiency, reduced repairs, reduced service and field returns will increase your profits.
A better product will strengthen the brand and increase sales.

Picture of Test Data Management Systems Overview

why wats

WATS gives you the operational opportunity to reduce or eliminate the risk of sending non-functioning or inadequate products to the market --producing the strategic benefit of increased corporate value!

When it comes to effective decision making, most process leaders agree that data quality comes first. There’s no escaping the fact that fast, accurate data should dictate every detail of the process. Where adjustments need to be made, old-fashioned trial and error is not an option. But how can businesses ensure they have the right data in the right place at the right time? Not easy.

A powerful solution is now available on the market, as a standard, off-the-shelf product. WATS was introduced in 2003 and has been developed and continuously improved ever since, in cooperation with future-oriented and technology leading OEM/Manufacturing companies across the Energy, Defense & Aerospace, Marine, Industrial and EMS industries. The WATS scalable solution is benefiting a range of companies from small business to large companies with 30,000 employees. It’s used in 14 countries on four continents makes WATS a well-proven solution.

WATS offers this powerful solution as a true Cloud Service. You can still buy WATS as traditional software and host it internally if required by IT security or business impact regulations. You can start with the Cloud, evaluate if this is the right solution for you, and then move it in-hous. It's really your choice! Read more at or contact us for more information.

  • Improve Yield
  • Improve Quality
  • Real-time test results
  • Reduce time to market

Instant Setup

WATS is an off the shelf software that is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to integrate with other test or business critical systems.

Real-time Test Data

WATS lets you make critical decisions instant.
Access all your Test Data and identify trends, failure analysis and yield.

Connect your global sites

Global control of manufacturing process and product quality through value-chain, including external suppliers.