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Try for free- 30 day trial

The free trial includes 1 User (Analyzer Level) and 1 WATS Client. When you are ready to buy, you can choose number of Users and their levels and number of WATS Clients. If you need to add more as you grow, no problem – skyWATS can grow with you!

skyWATS service is priced according to:

(1) number of WATS Clients - meaning number of (PC based) ATE's/Test Stations you collect data from
(2) number of Users - there are 4 different levels of users you may order, depending on functionality required for the individual user.
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Startup - Get instant access to all your UUT reports from any test machine located anywhere!

For as little as 87 EUR per month, you get 1 UUT Viewer and 1 WATS Client. With this, you can log UUT reports from your ATE/Test Station to Collect, organize and access UUT reports the easy way. Save time with no database handling, worrying about what format or data layout to use, maintenance or supporting your organization with data from the ATE's/Test Stations. Just install the WATS Client, plug into your favorite test software, and get instant access to UUT reports through your web browser form anywhere.

Analyze and Repair - Create repair reports and view yield, trends, CPK and general SPC

Starting at 127 EUR per month, you can really empower your business with Repair functionality and rich analysis and reports. Through the advanced web based WATS Operator Interface, operators create Unit Under Repair reports, see knowledge base, serial number history, link UUT reports, attach images/snap shots and more. The analysis and reports allow you to monitor Yield (first pass, second pass, etc.), trends in numeric measurement, optimize test limits, monitor repair loop time (consumed time), set up automatic email alarms, OEE, Gauge R&R and more.

Enterprise - Customize and power up your skyWATS account

Starting at 200 EUR per month you get full access to all skyWATS features. Including all the reports and analysis functionality, you can also customize your account; edit processes (Test/Repair operation), Final test operation (overall Yield), product groups, monitor all your connected clients (Online, Inactive, Offline, storage, versions etc.), create global dashboards and more.

87 / month
  • Get instant access to all your UUT reports form any test machine located anywhere
  • 1 WATS Client
  • 1 UUT Viewer
  • Free e-mail support
  • View the pricing & compare page
127 / month
Analyze & Repair
200 / month