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ABB Control Technologies selects Virincos WATS for Test Data Analysis

By selecting WATS we will gain real time information from our production sites globally. We can easily investigate issues that occurs by analysis tools and reports provided in WATS

- Jonas Nilefell, EMS Quality Manager,
ABB Control Technologies
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Sennheiser is rolling out skyWATS to their plants in Germany and New Mexico, US. Several hundred test stations will be connected and Sennheiser can follow their data in real time.

I have been working intensely with automatic test systems for the last 20 years, storing test data and analyzing them was as long as I can remember always a challenge. It stopped suddenly in the moment I started using skyWATS. Without spending intensive time in manual data preparation and computing, I can get test process analysis easy and quickly, which offers us an additional boost for our continuous lean activities in production.

- Matthias Strauß / Production Manager Service and Support, Sennheiser
Reduced our response times

Implementation of skyWATS has significantly reduced our response times for problems in our manufacturing.

- Jyri Hakola / Development Enginee, Metso Flow Control Inc.
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Quick to implement, good web interface

Our company uses this skyWATs in conjunction with TestStand and it's great in terms of traceability.
We have multiple contract manufacturers and service centers spread across the world and it gave us a database with a great web interface, which allowed us to focus our development efforts on other aspects of our production line.

It's mainly used by our managers use this alot as it captures the history of each unit, and they use it to get complete lists of units sent to our various customers (data can be exported as excel, html, *.csv and xml). Another nice feature is that the fields you can filter with can take regular expressions, which I use alot when filtering by serial number.

It's important to populate the right fields as this is what you have to filter your results on.

- Happy Customer / Auckland, New Zealand

Fast and easy to integrate

Espotel has integrated WATS into several existing test stations. It has been a pleasure to find out how easily it the commissioning can be done.
WATS has the functionality for analysis and quality improvements. Virinco guys are always listening the customer and improving the WATS SW based on the feedback collected.

- Tero Leppänen, Espotel Finland
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Easy implementation, good interface, easy to find result and trends fast, makes troubleshooting faster

Starts WATS as first thing every morning to check new test results and trends from production. Test and repair data is collected from more than 200 test machines on different sites. Then we quickly can find challenges and dig into measurements and repairs on products to solve them, and have excellent quality and control. In addition WATS is fast and easy to implement on test machines.

- Test Engineering Manager / Happy WATS Customer for more than 10 years, Norway

Easy to install/integrate, improves quality and traceability, real-time test data, web-based user interface, Virinco support

We have been using skyWATS almost one year and couldn’t think running production without it anymore! It has significantly improved traceability of the manufactured units and shortened response times to quality issues. We have much less scrap and customer returns. 


Before WATS we used to spend also a lot of time on reporting and gathering/analyzing production data from several sources – now everything is in the one place and accessible anytime and anywhere with the web-based user interface. This gives a certain freedom and it’s actually kinda addicting to monitor yield in real-time.

- Process Development Engineer from Finland
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Quick to set up, easy to integrate, flexible, quick technical support

We've used WATS for a while, and we have around five development and production test licenses.

WATS greatly simplifies recording test results from both development testing and production testing. Small tests can quickly be made and modified throughout a product development phase, to record results from e.g. component value variations, variations in temperature/pressure, etc.

With the new SkyWATS solution, small test environments are set up quickly and at a much lower price than earlier.

- Øystein Johnsen / Happy WATS Customer, Bergen, Norway

With WATS, our field failures have decreased, quality has been improved, yield has improved, control and insight has been improved.

Everything has improved after implementing WATS and more automatic testing.

- Matthijs Vader / CEO, Victron Energy
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WATS, a great tool, also for engineers. Easy to monitor Teststeps, Product yield and Test yield. Especially I like the capability to see all Cp and CPk’s in a single view of a particular board.
In everyday work, WATS improve test equipment, on long term- WATS eliminate structural failures

- Marco Geerligs / Test Engineer, Nedap
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Time spent on Test data management has been reduced. We also spend less time on test development!

Without any doubts, WATS has no competiors. There is no feature we need that WATS does not offer!

- Ola K. Melien / Test department Manager , Simpro
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"WATS improved our reporting loop by more than 90%, from more than 20 days to less than one day.

- Reidar Hagen / CTO, Eltek 
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We use WATS to reduce engineering time spent on storing, retriveing and reporting on production, repair, supplier or R&D product data by almost 90%

- Thorstein Østen / Quality Manager, Hapro
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We can pick up almost immediately if we have poor yield on a specific circuit board in electronics production. Because yield says so much about quality, this helps us spot problems almost before they begin

- Ove Pedersen / Test Manager, Kongsberg Maritime
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The return rate of this investment is great.

The corrective actions we have been able to perform in the first months at product and process, based at the information provided by the WATS system, has saved us at least the cost of the product.

- Vidar Åsvang / NPI Test Manager, Ceragon
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We’ve been using WATS for the past four months and we’re already impressed by the possibility it gives us to increase yield.

WATS has already returned our investment!

- Lasse Hertel / Technical Director, Luminext

Versatile, easy to implement, good functionality, processing data instantly

Probably the best test data collection tool in the market.

Our company is outsourcing and insourcing our production. We always implement WATS on the shopfloor to control and improve the testing and the production flow. We have around 200 test machines and collecting 25000 test & repair reports every day into WATS.

WATS makes us confident that we are making the best products for our customers controlled through WATS. WATS is easy to install on the test platforms using NI Teststand. Reports are sent instant and collected in the WATS system, visible in the centralized reporting just seconds after end test.

- Global Test Manager