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WATS client

The WATS client is software that installs on a computer (ATE) and communicates with the skyWATS service. The main purpose of the client is to communicate data from applications locally and safely transfer it to the WATS system - from any location - using internet communication (reporting supports offline connection).

The WATS Client is the first line of storage and SPC in the WATS system and utilizes the WATS Transfer Technology to propagate data to the next level. The application can either install as an add-on to NI TestStand, or as an extension to your test application utilizing the LabVIEW toolkit or .NET API. The WATS Client also supports indirect interfacing using a Translator plug-in structure (reading flat files and converting to WATS reports).

NI TestStand add-on

WATS adds new functionality and integrates seaming-less with TestStand. A fresh WATS Client installation, install - configure - log UUT reports to the WATS system, takes less than 5 minutes (assuming TestStand default settings and configuration).

Learn more about NI TestStand WATS add-on

NI LabVIEW toolkit

Use the WATS LabVIEW toolkit and take advantage of the powerful WATS reporting functionality. Implement the “easy-to-use” toolkit into your test application, without concerns regarding database connections, SQL statements or flat files handling.

Learn more about NI LabVIEW WATS toolkit


Take full control of the WATS client using the embedded .NET API! Any programming language that can call a .NET assembly can utilize the API, allowing tight integration with the different WATS Modules.

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WATS standard file formats

WATS standard file formats are easy to use predefined file formats. Just create a report based these formats and the WATS Client will automatically import the files and upload it to the server. This way, you can interface to WATS without implementing any WATS code into your project.

Wats Standard Text Format (WSTF)
Wats Standard Xml Format (WSXF)

Translator plug-in

Using C#, customers can create their own Translator plug-in to interface any flat files or databases. We can make the plug-in for you, or you can create the converter yourself.

Learn how to create converters

WATS Client Monitor with YIELD chart to instant monitor running production.